American Basketball Association Champions

American Basketball Association Champions
notes: the American Basketball Association (ABA) was founded for the 1968 season; all champions decided by playoff format; ABA folded following 1976 season; Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, and San Antonio Spurs were absorbed by National Basketball Association (NBA); seasons listed by years in which they finished even though seasons generally spanned two calendar years
1968 Pittsburgh Pipers
1969 Oakland Oaks
1970 Indiana Pacers
1971 Utah Stars
1972 Indiana Pacers
1973 Indiana Pacers
1974 New York Nets
1975 Kentucky Colonels
1976 New York Nets
Total Championships (9 total)
1. Indiana Pacers 3
2. New York Nets 2
3. Pittsburgh Pipers 1
  Oakland Oaks 1
  Utah Stars 3
  Kentucky Colonels 1
Consecutive Championships
1. Indiana Pacers 1972-1973 2