Super Bowl Champions

Super Bowl Champions
notes: the Super Bowl was founded as the World Championship of Football for the 1966 season, matching the champions of the National Football League (NFL-NFC) and American Football League (AFL-AFC), and as part of the merger agreement between the two leagues; merger completed, 1970, bringing leagues under NFL banner and leaving Super Bowl to be decided between champions of National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC); term "Super Bowl" was widely used throughout late 1960s; Super Bowl became official name, 1970; games tagged with roman numerals beginning 1970 including retroactive numbering for all games; roman numeral dropped on one-time basis for Super Bowl 50; champions listed by years in which season began even though all Super Bowl games have taken place the following calendar year
1966 Super Bowl I Green Bay Packers
1967 Super Bowl II Green Bay Packers
1968 Super Bowl III New York Jets
1969 Super Bowl IV Kansas City Chiefs
1970 Super Bowl V Baltimore Colts
1971 Super Bowl VI Dallas Cowboys
1972 Super Bowl VII Miami Dolphins
1973 Super Bowl VIII Miami Dolphins
1974 Super Bowl IX Pittsburgh Steelers
1975 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers
1976 Super Bowl XI Oakland Raiders
1977 Super Bowl XII Dallas Cowboys
1978 Super Bowl XIII Pittsburgh Steelers
1979 Super Bowl XIV Pittsburgh Steelers
1980 Super Bowl XV Oakland Raiders
1981 Super Bowl XVI San Francisco 49ers
1982 Super Bowl XVII Washington Redskins
1983 Super Bowl XVIII Los Angeles Raiders
1984 Super Bowl XIX San Francisco 49ers
1985 Super Bowl XX Chicago Bears
1986 Super Bowl XXI New York Giants
1987 Super Bowl XXII Washington Redskins
1988 Super Bowl XXIII San Francisco 49ers
1989 Super Bowl XXIV San Francisco 49ers
1990 Super Bowl XXV New York Giants
1991 Super Bowl XXVI Washington Redskins
1992 Super Bowl XXVII Dallas Cowboys
1993 Super Bowl XXVIII Dallas Cowboys
1994 Super Bowl XXIV San Francisco 49ers
1995 Super Bowl XXX Dallas Cowboys
1996 Super Bowl XXXI Green Bay Packers
1997 Super Bowl XXXII Denver Broncos
1998 Super Bowl XXXIII Denver Broncos
1999 Super Bowl XXXIV St Louis Rams
2000 Super Bowl XXXV Baltimore Ravens
2001 Super Bowl XXXVI New England Patriots
2002 Super Bowl XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2003 Super Bowl XXXVIII New England Patriots
2004 Super Bowl XXXIX New England Patriots
2005 Super Bowl XL Pittsburgh Steelers
2006 Super Bowl XLI Indianapolis Colts
2007 Super Bowl XLII New York Giants
2008 Super Bowl XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers
2009 Super Bowl XLIV New Orleans Saints
2010 Super Bowl XLV Green Bay Packers
2011 Super Bowl XLVI New York Giants
2012 Super Bowl XLVII Baltimore Ravens
2013 Super Bowl XLVIII Seattle Seahawks
2014 Super Bowl XLIX New England Patriots
2015 Super Bowl 50 Denver Broncos
2016 Super Bowl LI New England Patriots
2017 Super Bowl LII Philadelphia Eagles
Total Championships by Club (52 total)
1. Pittsburgh Steelers 6
2. San Francisco 49ers 5
  Dallas Cowboys 5
  New England Patriots 5
5. Green Bay Packers 4
  New York Giants 4
7. Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders 3
  Washington Redskins 3
  Denver Broncos 3
10. Miami Dolphins 2
  Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts 2
  Baltimore Ravens 2
13. New York Jets 1
  Kansas City Chiefs 1
  Chicago Bears 1
  St Louis Rams 1
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1
  New Orleans Saints 1
  Seattle Seahawks 1
  Philadelphia Eagles 1
Consecutive Championships
1. Green Bay Packers 1966-1967 2
  Miami Dolphins 1972-1973 2
  Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1975 2
  Pittsburgh Steelers 1978-1979 2
  San Francisco 49ers 1988-1989 2
  Dallas Cowboys 1992-1993 2
  Denver Broncos 1997-1998 2
  New England Patriots 2003-2004 2